AceMouse™:The industry’s best-in-class fully human antibody discovery platform with proprietary intellectual property
AceMouse ™ Series of platform services
AceMouse ™ Advantages of the series platform
  • Perfect antibody fully humanized mouse platform
    Perfect antibody fully humanized mouse platform

    All human heavy and light chain variable regions are replaced in situ, which is the most complete, ensuring that the antibody gene pattern after replacement is highly consistent with that in mice. It has rich diversity and a normal and complete immune system.

    Accurate gene manipulation of MB sized gene fragments, including multiple strains such as BALB/c and CD1. Similar or even stronger antigen-specific immune responses were observed in WT mice with BALB/c and CD1 backgrounds.

    The natural screening and maturation mechanism in the body, with high antibody affinity, no immunogenicity, and good drug resistance, improves the success rate of drug development from the source.

    Equipped with and optimized hybridoma, display library, and single B cell screening technology. Improved various antigen immunization methods such as protein immunity, nucleic acid immunity, and cellular immunity. Choose the optimal technical route for different development needs.

  • Professional R&D team
    Professional R&D team

    We adhere to the principle of "quick win, fast fail" in the early development of drugs. Try to avoid risks as much as possible in the early detection stage, such as specificity risks, pharmacological and toxicological risks, stability risks, and process development risks. Try not to waste more funds and time in the later development stage as much as possible. In the early research stage, it is necessary to do more relevant research, improve exploration depth, and conduct sufficient analysis and prediction. Taijin Biology collaborates with the group's sister companies Taichu Biology (preclinical evaluation CRO) and Taili Biology (CMC) to fully consider risks in the early research stage, conduct sufficient validation work, and ultimately bring better molecules to the market for the benefit of human health.

  • A professional project management team
    A professional project management team

    Taijin Biotechnology places particular emphasis on project management, and from the founder to the PM, all have obtained PMP professional project management certificates issued by UK project management training institutions. Dr. Li Jianliang, the founder, believes that the most easily overlooked cost for enterprises is project management cost, and the most easily overlooked benefit is management efficiency. It is necessary for Taijin's internal scientists and project management team to learn professional management. During the project execution process, we welcome customers to provide valuable opinions on our work. It is our original intention and service tenet that we can continuously improve ourselves and move forward.

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