pharmacokinetics study
pharmacokinetics study

The Taichu Biopharmacokinetics Research Platform includes the following service services:

Ø Absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion

Ø Small molecule drug analysis and pharmacokinetics platform

Ø Macromolecule drug analysis and pharmacokinetics platform


一、Bioanalysis platform 

Taichu Biological Analysis Laboratory complies with International Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and provides comprehensive and professional preclinical analysis services for the global market. Covering detection services such as pharmacokinetics (PK), toxicokinetics (TK), anti drug antibodies (ADA), neutralizing antibodies (NAb), biomarkers (Biomarkers), and cytokines (Cytokines).


  1、Scope and capabilities of small molecule biological analysis services:

LC/MS-MS quantitative analysis method development, method transfer, validation, and sample analysis. 

 Service Type

Ø In vitro DMPK study

Ø In vivo PK/TK studies

Ø Research on Organizational Distribution


  2、Scope and capabilities of macromolecular bioanalysis services

        Development, transfer, validation, and sample analysis of biological analysis methods.


 Service Type

Ø Provide analysis services such as PK/TK, ADA, Nab, Biomarker, and Cytokins.

Ø Provide risk based immunogenicity analysis solutions with the ability to develop platforms such as LBA, CLBA, and Cell Based.

Ø Provide immunotoxicity analysis, in vivo/in vitro cytokine testing, TDAR testing, etc.


  3、Main equipment and software of the biological analysis laboratory technology platform:

Ø ELISA technology: MD multifunctional enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Ø ECL technology: MSD electrochemical luminescence analyzer

Ø Quantitative PCR technology: Roche qPCR instrument

Ø Flow cytometry: Flow cytometry

Ø LC/MS-MS technology: liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analyzer

Ø Information Management System: Watson LIMS 7.7